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Welcome Class of 2026!

This website is where you can find all things TJ orchestra. We would love for you to join our orchestra family next year! Please follow the steps below:

  1. Fill out this form even if you haven’t been accepted to TJ yet, so Ms. Bailey can communicate with you! Filling out this form does not indicate a commitment; it is just to establish communication.
  2. When you are accepted to TJ, sign up for Orchestra! You will immediately be enrolled. That’s it! As soon as you sign up for Orchestra, you’re in!
  3. All students are initially placed in Philharmonia without audition. If you wish to be considered for our top group (Symphonic), you will need to audition. See chart below for ensemble and audition information.
PHILHARMONIA  (advanced: grade 4/5)  SYMPHONIC (most advanced: grade 6/6+)
– No audition required
– ALL orchestra students are automatically placed in this ensemble
– Students who wish to audition for Symphonic may do so, but please note that it is rare to be placed there as a freshman. Students are always welcome to audition for Symphonic in future years if they wish.
Placement audition requirements:
(Memorization not required for anything)

– Major Scales:  prepare 2 of your choice (3 octaves if possible); any bowing pattern
– Melodic Minor Scales: prepare 2 of your choice (2-3 octaves); any bowing pattern
– A prepared piece of your choice (section not to exceed 3 minutes)
– Required excerpts (posted here)
Please email videos to akbailey@fcps.edu no later than Tuesday, June 7. In the email, include your name and title it “Audition Video” in the subject line.

A printable PDF of this information is attached below:

Any questions? You can contact our director Ms. Bailey at akbailey@fcps.edu.