Placement Auditions

STEP 1: Indicate your interest (if you haven’t)

To indicate your interest, fill out the Google Form here – this does not indicate a commitment into the orchestra program. This’ll allow Ms. Bailey to contact you in the future to get the process of joining started.

You’ll also want to view these documents to understand the basics of applying what our normal orchestra events are. This calendar represents a normal, non-pandemic year.

STEP 2: Auditioning and placement

Take a look at this file here to determine what you’ll need to prepare for your upcoming audition:

Once you understand what you need to prepare, grab your respective excerpts here:

STEP 3: Scheduling

This planner will help you understand your course requirements and fit orchestra into your schedule.

Orchestra students have found various ways to fit Orchestra into all four years while still taking advantage of the advanced STEM courses TJ has to offer. See filled out examples below:

Need help with planning? Contact Ms. Bailey at